Families – There is nothing more foundational in a healthy church than a healthy family. At Crossroad we seek to provide the tools from the Word of God that will help you develop your family into a Godly home. Insightful Bible studies, family-oriented fellowships and activities, and personal Biblical counseling (upon request) are available to meet your family’s needs.

Couples – A God-honoring family starts with a solid husband/wife relationship. Crossroad’s preaching ministry seeks to equip you to build a loving, respectful relationship that mirrors Christ’s love for His bride, the Church. Biblical marital and premarital counseling is available upon request.
Singles – We believe that singles can have a powerful impact for the Lord as they are free to serve Him with passionate devotion (I Corinthians 7:32-33). We desire to effectively use God’s road map–the Bible–to develop singles that are devoted to Christ and serving in the church. We provide many opportunities for fellowship and service. Biblical premarital counseling is available upon request.
Ladies – Women play an essential role in God’s design for His Church. At Crossroad we offer opportunities for ladies to grow in their relationship with God through ladies’ Bible studies, specialized fellowships, energizing retreats, and service activities. Our desire is to help you to become the example God wants you to be.
Men – At the center of every healthy home is a man who is grounded and growing in the Word of God, seeking to develop into the leader God expects him to be. At Crossroad we know that Satan and the world are seeking to destroy the family by destroying men. We offer unique Bible study, prayer, and fellowship opportunities designed to help men resist the world, the flesh, and the Devil as they grow in their love for God. Biblical counseling is available upon request.